We are a mother and daughter team with dedicated hearts to our Newfoundland dogs. We were located east of Saskatoon Saskatchewan and this is where we first started off. Recent in 2017 our kennel has grown wings and moved to just north of Vermilion Alberta! 

We adopted our first love, Molly (Ch Tiptops Miss Molly), on January 13, 2001. Our love has since grown for the breed! We had our first litter in 2004 and started showing in 2006. Jaylene became co-owner of the kennel in 2016.

Our breeding program goal is to preserve and improve the breed by producing well tempered and genetically sound dogs. We also want to enrich the lives of others, whether for companionship, draft or water work, conformation or obedience. 

Personally I would like to see more Newfoundlands being used for service work (therapy), such as assisting those with special needs. The main focus back in 2001 was to provide my autistic son Clayton with a devoted, protective friend that would watch out for him. My Molly proved to be just so! Clayton is quite strong and large, and has no sense of fear or direction. A Newfoundland dog is capable of this type of challenge. For this reason, a lot of families today are opting to have a Newfoundland rather than a trained service dog. 

The Newfoundland's natural protective instinct is a quality parents everywhere will appreciate. They are always eager to please and devoted to their owners. My dogs have brought many smiles and enjoyments to our lives and others! 

Our dogs are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and OFA certified clearances: of heart, hips, elbows, cystinuria, thyroid, patellas, and guaranteed temperament! We are also a member of the Canadian Kennel Club, The Newfoundland Dog Club Of Canada, Newfoundland Club Of America, Newfoundland Dog Fanciers Of Alberta, and Newfoundland Club of Saskatchewan.  If you would like to visit our home and see our dogs, you are more than welcome anytime, just call ahead!